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Ouch! Puppy Play Silicone Bone Gag
  • Ouch! Puppy Play Silicone Bone Gag

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    A frisky take on a bondage fave seriously perfect for puppy play and/or those times when 'the quiet game' is on the evening's agenda, this sexily effective combination of bonded leather and taste free silicone gag features a totally unique bone shape. Restraining the wearer (orally, at least!) the Ouch! Puppy Play Silicone Bone Gag silences sound and discourages spitting, biting and otherwise forms of oral disobedienceFilling their mouth with a smooth black bone inspired bit gag, the sturdy bonded leather straps buckle into place courtesy of sturdy metal hardware. As with any gag, please keep a watchful eye on your bound-up partner to be sure they can breath/swallow comfortably. In other words, play safe!* The Ouch! Puppy Play Silicone Bone Gag's bone is 4.9" in length and 1.75" at widest. Straps fit up to approximately 9" (22cm) in maximum head diameter

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